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Starting this year all VAST TMA’s are available for purchase online from VAST only. Click Here to go to VAST. Please remember to select our club as your club of choice when purchasing.

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1 month ago

I took this from another FB page from Beth at VAST. Please order your TMA’s as soon as possible.

All 6 VAST staff members (and volunteers! Thank you Jeff Fay& Star Poulin & Mark Reaves!) are ... See more

1 month ago

Just a reminder, time is running out on early bird TMA’s. Also of family TMA discount. Plus I am up to date with sending our members their FREE maps. I need the work 🙂.
Thanks for all the ... See more

1 month ago
Vermont Association of Snow Travelers | VAST

TMA Information for new sleds and EB TMA’s from VAST.

Hi Club leaders and VAST Bord of Directors.

As many of you know, VT DMV is backlogged with folks making appointments to register new ... See more

Founded almost 48 years ago, VAST is responsible for the organization of the sport of snowmobiling, maintaining and grooming over 5,000 miles of trails. One of the oldest snowmobiling organizations ... See more

1 month ago

This is from Bruce Carlson, from the county organization.

Good afternoon. Here is some information the clubs may be interested in. Current TMA count is 5,659 as of today. Caledonia County is at ... See more

1 month ago

Our first mailing of free maps went out on Monday and the next batch mails tomorrow. Just a note to those that have family or multiple memberships that get maps on the first mailing. Your other maps ... See more

1 month ago

Working off thanksgiving day. Preparing our free maps being sent out to members. First batch goes out Tuesday. Thank you for your support.

1 month ago

The maps are in! For those that join CCSTC this year we will be sending you a free map. Just waiting for confirmation from VAST and your map is on the way. All you have to do is Join and sit back and ... See more

2 months ago

We can’t say for sure at this time. But our people are working hard to find a reroot for the section of trail to get to the tube underpass and the rail trail. Looks promising but still need to deal ... See more

2 months ago

The latest from the VAST office

An Update from us on COVID-19

There have been many questions regarding the upcoming snowmobile season in Vermont and how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact VAST ... See more

2 months ago
VAST Meetings

For those that would like to watch the VAST BOD meeting it will be on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_VWgg3Gs7u-4AlF3jOmv1w

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