TMA Registration Form

Limited Liability Statement/Personal Liability Insurance

As a member of a snowmobile club, I the undersigned, owner of the snowmobile(s) to be registered, declare that I am liable for the use of the trails in conformance with the snowmobile laws and rules of the State of Vermont. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I declare that I am well aware of the risks related to the presence of tree branches, stones and soil on the trails as well as the risks related to the maintenance and signing of a trail. I consequently declare that I deny my own recourse to any damage, be it of any kind, that could happen to me in the use of a trail.
I also pledge that I will inform any person to whom I would lend or rent the snowmobile(s) that I own, of the risks above mentioned and will advise them that the association, the club or the owner of the trail do not assume any responsibility for the damages they could undergo while using a trail.
As of September 1, 2003, every individual operating a snowmobile in Vermont is required to have personal liability insurance. The minimum required coverage is $25,000 for one injury or $50,000 for two or more injuries or deaths with a minimum of $10,000 property damage.
The fine for operating without the insurance is $616.00 plus court cost.
All snowmobilers born after July 1, 1983 must have and carry with them when riding, a Vermont Snowmobile Safety Certificate or equivalent.


Click here to download a form and mail in with payment. Note: $20 club dues has been included on the form

Mail to: Snowmobile Caledonia VT P.O. Box 245 St. Johnsbury, VT 05863