Founded in 1976, The Caledonia County Trail Club grooms the Route 2 & 5 trails from the tube under US Route 2 through St. Johnsbury Center, Kirby and east to Carr Brook. The club also grooms the Route 18 trail through Waterford to Moore Dam and along the reservoir on Route 102.

We want to thank the landowners who generously allow us to create and maintain the trails in our area. Without them there would be no trail system. Please respect them by staying on the marked trails!

Club Officers

President--Ken Gammell
Vice President--Mike O'Hara
Treasurer--Diane Rowell
Trailmaster--Ben Robinson
Directors--Jim Carey, Bob Dexter, Bob Halpin, Bob, Dale Rowell
Groomers- Jim Carey, Ben Robinson, Dale Rowell

WebMaster--Joe Gilgallon